📊Setup performance monitoring for game servers

Learn how to setup performance monitoring with this simple guide

Create a new account on Netdata cloud https://app.netdata.cloud

Retrieve your Netdata claim token --> Click on Connect Nodes in the left hand panel. Navigate to the panel on the right and copy your token listed under --claim-token

Once you have your claim token, you can provide it as a header in your POST requests for starting a game server using the PlayFlow API.

The Netdata token header is going to be netdatatoken and the value will be your Netdata claim token.

Call the PlayFlow API, add your claim token as a header in the POST request.

Here is an example POST API Request:

POST https://api.cloud.playflow.app/start_game_server











Once your PlayFlow server is launched, you can view the status of your server in Netdata and setup dashboards for performance monitoring.

You can also create a new War Room by clicking the + sign next to War Rooms in the left hand panel. War Room will provide real-time metrics and dashboards for all or specific nodes for your PlayFlow cloud game servers. Click here to learn more about setting up and managing War Rooms.

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