PlayFlow Cloud Unity Plugin

Check out the Unity Plugin for PlayFlow Cloud below. The plugin lets you upload, start, stop, restart, and debug your servers directly through Unity!
PlayFlow Cloud Unity Plugin
PlayFlow App Token
Project Token
Arguments (optional)
Any server arguments you want to provide
Enable SSL
Selecting this option will setup a secure reverse proxy for WebSocket connections (needed for WebGL games hosted on HTTPS)
Development Build
Selecting this option will build your server in Unity's development mode
Server Location
Choose which region you would like to deploy your server
Get Active Servers
Get's a list of active servers based for your project
Upload Server
Builds and uploads your server to PlayFlow Cloud
Start Server
Starts your server that is on PlayFlow Cloud
Restart Server
Restarts your selected server
Stop Server
Stops your selected server
Get Logs
Gets the logs of your selected server
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