🥳Setup logging with Axiom.co

1. Create an Axiom Account 📋

  • Head over to Axiom and sign up for a free account.

2. Set Up a New Dataset 📊

  • Once registered, create a new dataset and name it playflow.

3. Generate an API Token 🛠️

  • Navigate to the Settings section.

  • Create a new API token, ensuring it has the permission to ingest.

4. Integrate with PlayFlow 🔄

  • Visit PlayFlowCloud and select your specific project.

  • Proceed to your project's configuration page.

  • Paste the Axiom API key into the designated field and click Save.

5. Monitor Your Logs 📜

  • From now on, every time you start a server through PlayFlow, your logs will be sent to Axiom.

  • To view them, go to Axiom, select Stream, and then choose the playflow dataset.

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